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The laboratory industry is very competitive these days. It is becoming more difficult to survive, as reimbursements continue to decline.
​We are here to help!
We are thorough, stay "on task", and are reasonably priced. Esoteric Lab Consultants, LLC has the experience that can assist you in almost any area of your business.
Do you have the right partners?
Business Development
Having the right partners is a critical factor for success. What is the criteria you use to evaluate partners?

We can review, develop, manage or "actually" be your business development team.

Alternatively, if you are ready to sell, we can help find the "right" company to purchase your lab.
Do you have all the tools?
Do you have the right team?
Infrastructure Review
Sales & Marketing
Many companies have a great "plan", yet lack the tools to execute. We can evaluate where you are at and determine what might be missing in the equation. If necessary, we can create your business plan. We want to help you be successful. 
The right team is essential to driving revenues and profit margins. We are very experienced in reating, developing, and leading sales teams. Whether you need help with your existing team or need an entirely new one...we can help. 


We are available for all projects  large and small 
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We have very satisfied clients and would be more than willing to provide references upon request.